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Chinese massage for face beauty and wellbeing


For many centuries Chinese women have been using very particular massage techniques to keep skin young and relaxed, as well as invigorated, compact and bright. The beauty of face skin can be trusted into this massage technique, combining the execution of pleasant and delicate handling, drawing on the technique of Tuina Chinese massage, on the use of natural masks and on the stimulation of face Meridians and their acupoints, the same as in acupuncture. Apart from the action of beauty on the face, the massage gives a feeling of total relax. Acting on the meridian system, in fact, the Chinese massage stimulates the energetic system and actually acts on the whole body. The face massage that follows the Chinese tradition takes into consideration the person as a whole, starting from the idea that from the outside it is possible to act to readjust the inside. In particular, it is possible to read the face through ancient maps showing the connections between the different areas of the face and the functionality of the internal organs.The beauty of face skin, its brightness, tone and tropism, depend on the correct circulation of Qi energy) and of Xue (blood). The facial massage aims at readjusting the correct circulation of these Precious Substances, as a bad circulation of them causes disorders and blemishes. It therefore works  locally on the face skin and muscles, on the lymphatic system, as well as at a distance through the system of Meridians and acupoints that are stimulated. The aesthetic benefits of the massage largely depend on the mechanical effects of manual ability, that bring about improvements immediately visible on the skin. By means of massage, a reactivation of  the local microcirculation is obtained; the skin is better nourished and oxygenated, the lymphatic circulation is improved, while a draining effect  helps eliminate excess liquids and swelling. The treatments loose muscular tensions. By doing so, traits relax, wrinkles are smoothed, a better circulation of Qi and Xue nourishes the skin and improves its tone.